April 23, 2019

What Is Screening And What Does A Borrower Need To Know About It?

  At present, it is impossible to meet a person who did not use the Internet, which makes life much easier. According to statistics in social networks alone, today, almost 80% of all inhabitants of the earth are registered. Our fellow citizens are not far behind these statistics and are very actively using various kinds of Internet resources, telling their friends and relatives with their help about everything that is happening to them. Meanwhile, not only acquaintances, but also financial institutions may be interested in such information if this person turns to them for a bank loan. Certainly, many are now surprised, but this practice actually takes place, of course,…

April 18, 2019

Loans eligible for consolidation

Loan consolidation is a financial solution to consolidate multiple loans into one. You collect your disparate monthly payments in one, which gives you a better control of your budget. It is also the way to review the duration of your loans, to benefit from new rates and new monthly payments. Learn more at http://sonotheque.net The repurchase of loan (or regrouping of loans) makes it possible to group several types of loans. The goal is to restructure its debts, this solution is particularly suitable for long-term loans or whose interest rates are high. Consolidation of mortgage The purchase of real estate loan (or pooling of loans) is a frequently used solution….

April 7, 2019

Compare home loan conditions online

  Using a home loan comparison, you can conveniently and easily find the cheapest deals on such loans that you need for home construction. In particular, on the Internet is a good way to have a house loan to calculate to find out what conditions this is affected. A home loan comparison offers many advantages – especially in terms of the costs to be borne Many people dream of their own home, but do not have enough equity to finance it completely on their own. In such a case, the home loan comes into play, which is offered by numerous banks. But to find such a loan, you have to…

April 6, 2019

Loans: special arrangements for annuity credit

Many people dream of their own homes. However, most can not afford this out of pocket or with self-saved reserves – real estate financing with external finance is often essential. These external funds are provided by banks or insurances through construction funds. However, there is probably the most popular alternative, is to get a real estate loan from a bank. There are basically three major types of loans: the term loan , the installment loan , and the annuity loan , better known as annuity loans. Possibility of financing the home through bank loans The annuity loan has the great advantage that you have to pay a monthly agreed repayment…

April 4, 2019

Features of Subsidized Lending

  In the conditions of the current economic state, state assistance to creditors has become a necessity to keep turnover in the domestic market. However, the subsidy program is not available for all categories of credit, but only for industries that need support the most. Let’s talk about the conditions of a subsidized loan in 2017.   What is a subsidized loan?   Subsidized loan – credit relations that have three direct participants: the lender (natural and legal person), the lender (bank) and necessarily the state, which acts as the party providing the subsidy.   Reflection in law.     The possibility of granting a subsidized loan to individuals and…