Fast online credit at the best rate: comparison and solutions

Do you want to get fast credit online and get the best rate? We have put everything in place to offer fast online credit, but above all easy procedures and the guarantee of obtaining the best APR rate.

Fast online credit at the best rate

Fast online credit at the best rate

To be able to offer you the best fast online credit rates, we regularly record all the market rates offered by the largest financial organizations. So we have in our databases the best online credit organizations.

Credit agencies tend to revise their pricing once you have completed your file. We therefore suggest that you complete an online credit questionnaire with immediate response once and for all on our site, and choose which organizations you want to interview for a personalized response.

Not only will you save time for your fast online credit application process, but in addition you will be able to get all the rates transparently and finally you will increase the chances of actually getting cheap credit online.

How does our online comparator work?

To get the best personalized fast credit rate, you can query the 3 cheapest organizations, namely those offering the lowest APR rates. If the cheapest does not give you a favorable answer, you can always go back to the second or third best rate with a single click.

Example of the result of a 10,000 USD credit simulation over 48 months. No need to question the third agency in this case, since Caloper provided an immediate rapid credit response online.

Good to know: you will get an assessment for your fast online credit application from the organization that offers the best rate for your project. You can choose to adjust your position afterwards. Even if it is preferable to ask for at least 2, in case one of the two would let you go at the last moment. Finally, watch carefully the rates displayed on the commercial proposal that you will receive because some organizations display a rate at the start and finally make you another proposal in the contract.

Fast Online Credit Comparison

Fast Online Credit Comparison

Fast online credit: personal loan

Our quick online credit comparison basis is the fixed APR rate. This reference is the only one that allows to be transparent and objective to offer a real credit comparison.

Understanding the APR rate

This is the benchmark consumer credit rate. It is a legally defined rate for reporting on credit. The big advantage is that it includes all the fees that can be included in a fast online loan, both agios and application fees.

Please note : many comparators do not work like us and do not offer a fast online credit ranking based on the rate, but on the commissions they will receive. If you don’t see a rate in the comparison, beware.

Why fast online credit?

Why fast online credit?

We are talking about online credit for all the credits that are available online. You will therefore not find in this category the credits that you can open in stores such as the Aurore card or the Spring card. Nor is it about the credits you can get from a car dealership. Online credit is the specialty of credit organizations that have put everything in place to simplify the preparation and access to applying for credit on the internet. This is also the reason why, they are practically the only ones to offer real easy credit online.

And the banks will you tell me?

Banks don’t really offer fast online credit (see online bank credit ). Some can do it in their customer area and again, they generally ask that you go to an agency so that you bring your receipts, which takes us away from fast online credit. And the worst part is that they are far from being able to offer you cannon rates. They agree to do so only to their very good customers (who have a lot of savings) and who have been at home for a long time.

An online credit is therefore a credit for which you can do your simulations online, for which you can fill out your online questionnaire, for which you can retrieve your prior offer of online credit, for which you can simply send your file which should be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Compare Fast Loan Rates Online

Compare Fast Loan Rates Online

It is very important to compare fast online loan rates because between the cheapest and the most expensive, the difference can be huge. Take the example of a new car loan of $ 15,000 over 60 months:

Auto loan $ 15,000 over 60 months
Fixed APR rate
Monthly fees
Total cost of credit
Cheapest credit
267.96 $
1077.60 $
Most expensive credit
287.37 $
2242.20 $

The most expensive credit from our comparator generates twice as much interest ($ 2,242.20 against $ 1,077.60) than the cheapest. No need to go much further to understand the usefulness of an online comparator.

Save time on fast online credit application

Save time on fast online credit application

It is possible to save even more time on a fast online credit application. Indeed, what will take time is to build your file and send it back. You can therefore not wait for your fast online credit offer to arrive at your home by post and start already to collect the supporting documents and make the photocopies.

Although there is a legal withdrawal period, for a quick online loan request, like any other credit request, you will need to provide: proof of identity, proof of income, proof of taxation, proof of address, proof of bank statement and statement of bank identity.
You can therefore immediately start preparing photocopies of these supporting documents as soon as you have completed your credit questionnaire. You will gain a few days on the arrival of funds on your account.

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