Immediate online credit: quick solutions and better rates

You have to know where and how to apply for immediate online credit, but above all be careful not to pay too much interest. We will see that the use of an online credit comparator makes it possible to obtain an immediate answer in principle at the best rate.

How to get immediate online credit?

Large organizations have popularized online credit. It is therefore possible to obtain a loan for all conceivable projects (car credit, personal loan, work loan, etc.) without leaving your home. The advantages of online credit are numerous:

  • Possibility of fast credit, using an online credit comparator with immediate response.
  • You do not have to be an existing customer to benefit from it, unlike what most banks offer.
  • Very competitive APR rates and almost systematic absence of application fees.

How to get immediate online credit?

Our credit comparison tool allows you to obtain a fast online credit opinion at the best APR rate. Designed to provide a clear answer and without false promises to each file, the tool, connected to the best credit organizations, ranks offers only at the best APR rate at least attractive. A simple questionnaire allows you to obtain an opinion at the best rate, which leads to a final proposal within 24 hours.

If the first organization refuses immediate online credit, it is possible to request the automatic response of the second, as well as the third. Specialists (Cofidis, Sofinco, Cetelem, etc.) do not all have the same acceptance criteria. Let’s list the simple steps to follow to apply for cheap credit online immediately.

Quick credit request in 3 steps

1. Complete the immediate online credit questionnaire, indicating your project (personal loan, car loan, work loan, need for money, repurchase of credits), the amount and the duration of repayment desired.
2. The best APR rate among the organizations in our credit comparator comes first. Connected to specialists, the tool immediately questions the best organization.
3. In case of immediate online credit accepted (acceptability> 50%), the confirmation is sent by email within 24 hours. If the answer is negative (acceptability <5%), it is possible to ask the opinion of the second and third ranking bodies. Or as many additional chances to get easy and cheap credit.

Comparison of rates

The disparities are sometimes very significant between two offers of immediate online credit. A quick comparison of a 10,000 USD loan without proof (personal loan)

Best personal loan $ 10,000 over 48 months
Fixed APR rate
Monthly fees
Total cost of credit
Organization n ° 1
294.45 $
600.20 $
Organization 2
301.78 $
864.08 $
Organization n ° 3
302.51 $
890.36 $

The best credit is much more attractive than that of the second best organization, for a credit of 10,000 USD under the same conditions (48 months). The three organizations completing the podium are however all renowned and active in terms of communication. Updated daily, our comparator also includes temporary promotions from organizations.

How long before getting the money from a loan online?

How long before getting the money from a loan online?

Always wait at least until the eighth day before obtaining money from a consumer loan. It is an incompressible period, applied for immediate online credit but also to banks and other players capable of issuing loans. The period runs from the day of signature of the contract.

It therefore takes between 10 and 12 days on average before obtaining money from a consumer loan, provided you do it the right way. Here’s how to break down an online loan application made in the state of the art:

1. Comparison of consumer credit rates and simulation without commitment: 10 minutes.
2. Immediate response in principle and confirmation by email: 24 hours.
3. Signature of the correctly completed credit contract and return by post or directly online: 24h
4. Final response from the credit organization: 6 to 8 days on average.
5. Sending of funds and reception: 24h to 48h depending on the interbank deadlines.

Estimated average time: between 9 and 11 days.

To go further and consider solutions to shorten the time, see our article on a quick credit search.

The exception of existing revolving credit

The exception of existing revolving credit

Using the money available on an existing revolving credit agreement is the only way to get immediate online credit. Revolving credit makes it possible to request an express transfer without having to fulfill a new contract. In this case, the money is received within 24 to 48 hours, depending on the interbank deadlines. Please note, however, that the money available in its revolving credit reserve is generally used at a high price. The revisable APR rate of revolving credit indicates that it is likely to change with each use. However, this express credit option is most of the time associated with an APR close to 20%.

Why promote online credit?

Why promote online credit?

Online credit generally offers the best APR rates, since the middlemen are reduced. Everything is often cheaper on the internet, credit is no exception. Our experience as a credit comparator allows us to affirm that it is rare to obtain a better offer within one’s bank than that of the best organization of a comparator based on the APR rate. Online credit is the best solution for getting immediate credit.

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