April 18, 2019

Loans eligible for consolidation

Loan consolidation is a financial solution to consolidate multiple loans into one. You collect your disparate monthly payments in one, which gives you a better control of your budget. It is also the way to review the duration of your loans, to benefit from new rates and new monthly payments. Learn more at http://sonotheque.net

The repurchase of loan (or regrouping of loans) makes it possible to group several types of loans. The goal is to restructure its debts, this solution is particularly suitable for long-term loans or whose interest rates are high.

Consolidation of mortgage

The purchase of real estate loan (or pooling of loans) is a frequently used solution. A home loan is indeed a large and long-term expense item in a family’s budget. For old loans, the purchase of loan is an opportunity to benefit from lower rates to reduce the overall cost of its loan. Changes and stages of life (birth, move, separation …), but also new projects in fact sometimes involve reviewing its needs and repayment capabilities.

Auto loan buyback

The automobile is another major expense item in a household. The repurchase of auto loan (or group of loans) makes it possible to lighten its monthly budget by spreading its loans to reduce its monthly payments. It also makes it possible to release new savings capacities for future projects.

Buyback of consumer loan

The purchase of consumer loan (or pool of loans) is a good tool to clean up and simplify its budget. You thus collect in a single loan all the small loans often cumulated over the years to finance your marriage, the purchase of your household appliances or your furniture. You then have only one loan with a single rate to repay each month.

Consolidation of other types of loans

Consolidation of other types of loans

You can also group other loans . The repurchase of loan (or pool of loans) is thus often relevant for revolving loans, whose rates can be high. On the other hand, it is not always relevant or possible to buy a zero interest eco-loan.

Simulate your loan consolidation (or pooling of loans)

Now that you know a little more about loan consolidation (or pooling of loans), do a simulation to evaluate the amount of your new monthly payments. A counselor will then help you in the formalities to build the file.


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