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The search for the best work loan is to be taken seriously, especially when the amounts involved are large. We will see how to compare the rates of the loan works online, but above all get an agreement in principle. has more information

How does the work loan work?

How does the work loan work?

Several players are able to offer a work loan:

  • Online credit organizations
  • The banks
  • Certain professionals or craftsmen
  • Leroy Merlin or Castorama specialist brands

Getting credit work in a bank involves traveling, most establishments do not have the capacity to offer a 100% response online. Craftsmen and professionals will be able to formulate a proposal after completion of an estimate. They will only offer one offer, that of their financial partner. Difficult therefore to play the competition.

As for the stores, their solutions generally relate to small amounts. The principle consists in paying several times for purchases made in store, before carrying out the operations yourself. We are very far from the needs linked to a large-scale online work loan, such as an extension credit or even a swimming pool credit.

Why a work loan online?

Why a work loan online?

The online work loan from organizations allows the best rates to compete. A simple simulation on a credit comparator guarantees an immediate evaluation of the best offers. This step is not binding, and can be done at any time. Our experience as an independent comparator allows us to say that the online work loan of organizations is often synonymous with cheap work loan.

Works loan = proof required

The loan works online often involves providing proof of credit. It is sometimes a quote, or invoices corresponding to purchases. For any work credit application without proof, you must turn to a conventional personal loan.

Comparison of works credit rates

We carried out a work loan simulation of 8,000 USD over 36 months on our comparator, and another of 15,000 USD over 60 monthly payments. The idea is to show how much the APR rates can vary, including between the best loan specialists online.


Works credit $ 8,000 over 36 months
Fixed APR rate
Monthly fees
Total cost of credit
Best Credit Organization
232.13 $
356.58 $
Third best offer
242.01 $
712.36 $
Works credit $ 15,000 over 60 months      
Best Credit Organization
268.94 $
1136.40 $
Third best offer
287.37 $
2242.20 $


We find that the total cost of the best online work loan is much more attractive than that of the third. However, these are several organizations all renowned in the field of consumer credit.

A word about the APR rate

The APR rate is the only benchmark for work loans. It allows consumers to compare offers on an equal footing. The APR (annual effective annual rate), compared with the duration and the amount of the request, makes it possible to identify the total cost of the credit. For the same request, the best APR rate will always correspond to the cheapest work loan.

How to get an opinion at the best rate?

How to get an opinion at the best rate?

The first step is to make several quotes. Identifying the cost of operations will allow for a precise simulation, avoiding ending up with too much money or not enough. However, it is smart to allow a small margin in the event of the unexpected.

Our credit comparator then does all the work. Here’s how to make a non-binding request.

  • Select “work loan” for a loan with supporting documents (estimate, invoice) or “personal loan” if it is impossible to provide these documents.
  • Enter the desired amount and a repayment period corresponding to its repayment capacity.
  • Complete the job ready questionnaire in four minutes and as many steps.
  • The information allows us to interview all the organizations, to offer only the three offering the best APR rate corresponding to the request.
  • The best organization provides an immediate answer in principle.
  • In the event of a positive opinion at the best APR rate, a confirmation is sent by email within 24 hours.
  • A negative opinion (acceptability rate <5%) from the number 1 organization is not unacceptable. It is possible to query the second, and also the third, with a single click. Save valuable time, and two more chances to get a first work loan agreement online.

Once the best online work loan rate has been obtained, it is always possible to compare it with that offered by your bank or certain professionals.

Practical advice around the work loan

You should know that there is a legal right of withdrawal of 14 days in the case of a work loan, as with any consumer loan ( see here ).

When the work is carried out by a professional, it is important to indicate on the estimate that the arrangements are conditioned by obtaining the credit. This mention can avoid many troubles if however the loan is accepted then refused after thorough study.

Finally, it should be borne in mind that if obtaining the best rate is important, negotiating the cost of the work is even more so. It is always important to make several quotes to keep the cost of operations as low as possible. This will allow you to obtain better conditions for your online work loan, for example by reducing the number of monthly payments.

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